Recitations are held in Room 1-262 EE/Csci Bldg., starting in Week 2 for a total of 14 recitations. Recitation counts 5% of your course grade. During each recitation period, you will work through as many of the posted Matlab experiments as you can. Your recitation instructor will help you if you get stuck. In the 10 minutes at the end of each recitation (except for Rec 5 and Rec 10, which are exam review sessions), you will work as part of a team (usually 3 students) to fill out a ``lab report'' which asks you to do something similar to what was done in the posted Matlab experiments. Below, we will post copies of Matlab experiment instruction sheets for each recitation. (The instruction sheets are usually posted 1-3 days in advance of the given recitation week.) You can either view the instruction sheets online at your terminal in your recitation section, or, if it is more convenient for you, you can print out your own personal copy of the instruction sheets to bring to your recitation. (Note: We do not plan to bring hard copies of the instruction sheets to the recitations, unless something goes wrong with the university's computer system.)