Jeffrey N. Denenberg, Ph.D.


Senior engineering executive, experienced in all aspects of the technology cycle from research through product delivery. Broad technology background with good communication skills and a successful track record in the definition, formation, and execution of forward looking programs. Special skills in hands-on management of innovation from concept to commercial success. Excellent teacher with a technical background in many areas of communications, electronics and computer technology.


1993 to Present: DENENBERG TECHNOLOGY SERVICES - Trumbull, Connecticut

President: Executive and technical consulting services.
Product Planning (Board of Directors 2000-2003) for World Cyberlinks (Ronkonkoma, NY)
Develop new video conferencing systems for VC Solutions (Stamford, CT).
Research in active noise cancellation (several patents) for NCT (LinthicumMD).

1994 to Present: Part-Time Professor at local universities:

Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science courses

Fairfield University (EE Chair 1998-2000, Visiting Prof 2013, 2014 & 2015) Successful ABET accreditation review (1999).

University of New Haven, Southern Connecticut State University (PIR-2009),
Sacred Heart University, and University of Bridgeport.

2006 to Present: CPUS - BridgeportConnecticut

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer: Establish the technology base for this voice communications company. Develops services for cell Phone users.

1995 to 2000: PANAM COMMUNICATIONS - BridgeportConnecticut

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer: Establish the technology base for this Internet communications company

1990 to 1993: NOISE CANCELLATION TECHNOLOGIES - Stamford, Connecticut

Vice President, Research and Development and Chief Technical Officer:
Develop NCT from an R&D company into a product based company. Expanded the NCT intellectual property base to 30 US patents (125 international patents).

1987 to 1989: PRODIGY SERVICES COMPANY - White Plains, New York

Manager, Systems Technology: Improve the technology infrastructure supporting the Prodigy Interactive Personal Service. Developed the data compression system (Patented) used in the Prodigy Service.

1977 to 1987: ITT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY CENTER - Shelton, Connecticut

1986 to 1987: Director, System Architecture

Direct research in loosely coupled, parallel processing computers.

1985 to 1986: Director, Technology Planning:

Identify and promote joint efforts in Office Automation with selected Computer Vendors.

1982 to 1985: Director, Learning Systems:

Direct a small group in AI/Pattern Recognition Research. Invented ( patented ) the Probabilistic Learning System.
Coordinated Industry/University relations (Yale and Stanford).

1977 to 1981: Manager, System Design:

Manage the Invention (patented), Design and Implementation of the ITT 1240, now ALCATEL's flagship telecommunications switch, the Alcatel 1000-s12.

1971 to 1976: BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES - Naperville, Illinois

Member of Technical Staff: Solve EMI/EMC Problems in Large Systems. Develop the System Clock for the No. 4 ESS (patented).
Develop the Top Level Design for the No. 5 ESS

1971 to 1976: ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Chicago, Illinois

Adjunct Professor (part-time): Present graduate-level EE courses.

1969, 1970: WARWICK ELECTRONICS, Inc. - Niles, Illinois

Senior Design Engineer: Develop the Phase-Locked-Loop, FM Stereo Demodulator (patented) which is still in use in most FM radios today.

1966: MOTOROLA, Inc. - Chicago, Illinois

Design Engineer: Design the transmitter section of the MOCOM 10.


Ph.D. EE. (Communication Theory)


Illinois Institute of Technology



Illinois Institute of Technology



Northwestern University


IEEE BTR Group, "The 1970 Outstanding Papers Award of the Chicago Spring Conference", for "On an Inductorless FM Stereo Multiplex Circuit using a Phase-Locked Loop".

ITT Corporation, "1985 Corporate Inventors Award", for "Inventing the ITT 1240," The principal telecommunications switching product of ITT (now a product of Alcatel).

Elected a Senior Member of the IEEE (1986).

America Computer Scientists Association's "Computer Scientist of the Year" (1996).

Elected “BEI Fellow” – School of Engineering, Fairfield University (2006)

Received the “2022 Alumni Award” from the Illinois Institute of Technology

Twenty US. patents issued over a wide range of technologies (list attached) and three pending.

Eighteen technical publications (bibliography attached).


Digital signal processing ( DSP )

Active noise cancellation ( ANC )

Personal computers

Parallel computer architecture

Design of large-scale systems

Microprocessor controlled systems

Distributed control systems

Voice/data communication systems

Pattern recognition

Speech recognition

Artificial intelligence ( AI )

Data compression

Electromagnetic compatibility ( EMI, EMC )

Fault tolerant design

Electronics / Integrated Circuits


(20 Issued - 1 Pending)

Courteous phone usage system

App. #20070286386

- November, 2006

Active plus selective headset (ANC)

US. #5,815,582

- September, 1998

Hands-free, Noise Canceling Headset (ANC)

US. #5,699,436

- December, 1997

Adaptive Canceler Filter Module ( ANC, DSP )

US. #5,563,817

- October, 1996

Active Noise Attenuated DSP Unit ( ANC, DSP )

US. #5,546,467

- August, 1996

Data Compression Method ( Information Networks )

US. #5,537,551

- July, 1996

Ducted Axial Fan ( ANC )

US. #5,526,432

- June, 1996

Adaptive Analog Noise Cancellation System ( ANC )

US. #5,440,642

- August, 1995

Remote Siren Noise Canceling Headset ( ANC )

US. #5,375,174

- December, 1994

Variable Point Sampling ( ANC, DSP )

US. #5,311,453

- May, 1994

Probabilistic Learning System
( Sequential Pattern Recognition )

US. #4,620,286
US. #4,599,693
US. #4,599,692
US. #4,593,367

- October, 1986
- July, 1986
- July, 1986
- June, 1986

Distributed Control, Digital,
Telecommunications Switching System
( The ITT/Alcatel System 12 )

US. #4,201,891
US. #4,201,890
US. #4,201,889

- May, 1980
- May, 1980
- May, 1980

AM/FM Receiver ( Using Spectral Moments )

US. #3,971,988

- July, 1976

High Reliability Pulse Source ( System Synchronization )

US. #3,965,432

- June, 1976

Tone Detector ( Using Spectral Moments )

US. #3,937,899

- February, 1976

FM Stereo Demodulator ( Using a Phase Locked Loop )

US. #3,714,595

- January, 1973


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