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2022 ITT Alumni Award Ceremony - Charlotte and Jeffrey Received the IIT Alumni Award in September 17, 2022
Recorded Presentation Video - Intermission is from 42:30 to 1:14:20, CGD's acceptance speech is at 1:26:25

Charlotte G. Denenberg, PhD.


Charlotte's Interests: Executive Management, Fiber Optic Networks, Telephone System, Tennis, Books
Illinois Institute of Technology Charlotte (and Jeff) were presented ITT's 2022 "Alumni Medal" award (2022)
LegiTime Charlotte is on their Corporate Adivsory Board
NetFabric Charlotte is on their Board of directors
Market Maker Capital Charlotte is their CTO
Charlotte Joins Metromedia Fiber Networks (now AboveNet) Charlotte was their CTO, 1998-2001
Charlotte's Bio/Interview with X-Change Magazine (May 2000).
Charlotte's Interview, "Local Networks Grow Fiber as Bandwidth Demand Escalates", X-Change Magazine (June 2000).
Charlotte's Interview, "MFN lights backbone", TelecomClick (February, 2001).
Oplink Communications: Charlotte is on their Scientific Advisory Board

Jeffrey N. Denenberg, PhD.



Jeff's Interests: Executive Management, Engineering, Computer, Communications, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Telephone and Data Networks, Electronics, Education, Finance, Tennis
Jeff's Short Bio.
Jeff's Full Resume: Includes links to patent summaries and selected publications
Download a zip archive of Jeff's Resume (MS Word Format - 8KB)
Jeff's PhD Thesis, "The Estimation of Spectral Moments"
Jeff's Presentation to IIT ECE Students - 9/16/2022, "Designing A Phase-Locked-Loop FM Stereo Demodulator"
World Cyberlinks: Jeff is a member of their Board of Directors
Jeff's (the Inventor) Patents 20 issued (1973-1997)
Download a good graphics plug-in for Internet Explorer to see and print Patent Images
(Free CPCLite from Cartesian Inc., The full CPC version is $19.95)
Hedy Lamarr: "Worlds Most Beautiful Woman", Inventor of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Jeff (the Professor): Efforts In Engineering Education
Jeff's Quotables





"Identify something said to be impossible.
  Determine why THEY think it's impossible.
  Change the rules to make it possible.
  You have an invention!"


 Sharing Credit 

"Credit multiplies; It doesn't divide."


 Artificial Intelligence 

"AI is defined by experts as machine emulation
of the human thought process,
they would be better off first emulating the
thought process of a chicken."



"Engineers have an advantage over the rest of the population. We know how things work and they don't"



"Fair is a four letter word."



"It is said that you learn from your mistakes.
It's better to learn from the mistakes of others.
More quantity - Less pain"


Global Warming

"Global Warming? At least not in Bridgeport CT."



"Originally we huddled in the dark.
Then we domesticated fire and used candles and oil lamps.
They were replaced by kerosene and gas lamps.
And Edison invented the incandescent bulb.

Now incandescent bulbs are being outlawed
to be replaced by Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL).
Soon CFLs will be outlawed due to the mercury in them
and they will be replaced by LED bulbs.
Then LEDs will be outlawed due to the arsenic in them
and we will be back to candles
Then candles and oil/kerosene/gas lamps will be outlawed due to carbon emissions.
and once again we will huddle in the dark. "


Always remember,
"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
  You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
  You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
  You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
  You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
  You cannot build character and courage by taking away men's initiative and independence.
  You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves."
  William J. H. Boetcker, Presbyterian Minister (1942 - often incorrectly attributed to Abraham Lincoln)
"There is nothing more difficult and dangerous,
  or more doubtful of success,
  than an attempt to introduce a new order of things."
  Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1513)
"Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it.
  Tell them something new and they will hate you for it."
  George Monbiot, Speech to the Enviromedia conference, Johannesburg, South Africa (5 October 2004).
On changing user interfaces,
William F. Buckley (he of the immense vocabulary) was once being interviewed by a young, brash reporter.
The reporter asked "Mr. Buckley, do you still use a typewriter to write your books?"
Mr. Buckley responded, "No, I use a word processor".
The surprised reporter asked, "which one?"
Mr Buckley answered "WordStar".
"WordStar", the reported said (almost shouting), "Why WordStar".
Mr. Buckley retorted, "I have heard that there are better word processors than WordStar, but I've also been told that there are better languages than English".
Jeff's Favorite Short Stories
(provided here for educational use only)





"The Last Question"

Isaac Asimov


A classic with a great ending

"The Dwindling Sphere"

Willard E. Hawkins


An early, tongue-in-cheek,
comment on the human tendency
to waste resouces


Isaac Asimov


Society's reaction to the unknown

Jeff's Favorite Software Tools
Spectrogram - A spectrum analysis tool (257KB zip archive, freeware for non-commercial use only - Windows)
Visual Analyzer - A software-based, dual-trace oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and signal generator using your sound card. It is limited in frequency range (20Hz to 20kHz, no DC) by your sound card (1.2MB zip archive, freeware - Windows)
Apache - The pre-eminent Web Server (open source, freeware - for Unix and Windows)
Free Download Manager - Fast and reliable downloads (open source, freeware - for Windows) Free Download Manager
HTML-Kit - A great, non-WSIWIG, HTML editor (open source, freeware - Windows)
CrushFTP - A feature-rich, java-based, FTP Server, works behind a low-cost NAT Router and works with DynSite (below) to handle Dynamic IPs: (shareware, $20)
see NAT Routers, Dynamic IPs and CrushFTP for background information
DynSite - A good Windows IP updating client, compatible with most Dynamic IP hosting services (shareware, $15)
WS_FTP - A good Windows FTP Client (The LE version is freeware for non-commercial use only)
WinZip - A good compressing archiver (shareware, $29)
ZoneAlarm - The best software-based firewall for Windows (freeware for non-commercial use only)
Reference Material (Download a zip archive - 1.2 MB)
Generalized Fourier Series
Fourier Transform
Linear Systems
Sampling and Reconstruction - under construction
The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
Discrete-Time Systems
The z-Transform
Information, Bandwidth and Noise
Introduction to Noise
Probability Theory
Probability Mathematics Background
Filter Approximation Theory
Demonstration 3D Pole-Zero plot in MatLab
Understanding the FFT: Comb Filter Banks

Active Noise Cancellation:

Presentation Slides (ppt), Detroit Diesel Generator Audio (mp3)
IEEE Potentials Paper: ANC Overview, CSX Muffler Paper, Active Compressor Engine Silencer, Energy Savings via ANC, INCE Paper (Siren Headset)

Designing A Phase-Locked-Loop FM Stereo Demodulator

Presentation Slides (ppt)
Presentation Abstract
1970 IEEE paper
Recorded Presentation 2023-11-16

Fairfield University - SOE Youtube Video
CR245: Digital Design Lab
CR331-BEN331: Biomedical Signal Processing
ECE410: Voice Signal Processing
ECE411: Digital Signal Processing
EG31: Fundamentals of Engineering 1
                EG31: Fundamentals of Engineering 1 (old references)
EG32: Fundamentals of Engineering 2
EE212: Computer-Aided Circuit Analysis
EE213: Circuit Analysis 1
EE213L/PS212L: Circuit Analysis 1 Laboratory
EE221: AC Circuit Analysis
EE231: Electronics 1
EE231L: Electronics 1 Laboratory
EE245: Digital Design
EE301: Signals and Systems 1
EE304: Signals and Systems 2
EE315/ECE451: Nanoelectronics
EE321: Intro to Electromagnetic Fields
EE331: Electronics 2
EE331L: Analog Electronics Laboratory 2
EE350/ECE490: Communication Systems
EE352/ECE485: Digital Communication Systems
EE356: Digital Signal Processing
EE357: Telecommunications
EE360/ECE505: Power Electronics
EE361/ECE461: Green Power Generation
EE377/ECE477: Power Security and Reliability
EE379/ECE479: Communication Systems
ECE496: Power Fault Analysis
EE383/ECE480: Wireless Systems
EE385/ECE485: Power Generation and Distribution
EE391: Probability and Noise
ENGR2145: Mathematical Analysis
SW345: Computer Networks
GK415: Introduction to Information Systems
EG300/ME400: Feedback and Control Systems
MC301: Digital Control Systems
PS15: Guest Lecture on Momentum 10/18/2012
SW461: Pattern Recognition
Distance Education via the Fairfield University Learnlinc Server
SNET Technical Study Program
SNET Study Program Lecture Notes, J. N. Denenberg, 2002-2004,
SNET Study Program Class Recordings, J. N. Denenberg, 2002-2004,
iLinc Player, Needed to play the recordings on Windows
University of New Haven
CS107: Introduction to Data Processing
CS216: Computer Organization Laboratory
CS447/CS642: Networks and Data Communication
CS610: Intermediate Programming/C
EE235: Analog Circuits
EE247: Electronics I
EE202: Network Analysis
EE320: Random Signal Analysis
EE650: Random Signal Analysis
EE452/652: Digital Filter Design
EE634: Digital Signal Processing
EE646: Digital Communication Systems I
EE647: Digital Communication Systems II
EE670k: Telecommunications
Southern Connecticut State University University
CSC205: Digital Design
CSC460: Computer Networks and Data Communications
Sacred Heart University
CS621: Data Networks

Stacey A. Denenberg (now Seltzer)

Stacey is now a Partner at Gurnet-Point-Capital

Stacey was a partner at Aisling Capital

Ballroom Dancer

Stacey's Family:
Husband: Robert Seltzer -
Daughters: Adela Rose, Lila Pearl
Stacey's Interests: Business, Biology, Squash, Ballroom Dancing, Tennis
Stacey's Lecture at Wharton, February 19, 2007
"Recruiting Biotech Talent", BioPharm International, March 15, 2003
Stacey's Resume
Stacey's Masters Thesis: "The Role of the N terminal region of the Flagellar Switch protein FliG"
Stacey Ranked #3 in Women's 3.0 Massachusetts Squash for 2001
Stacey's Ballroom Dancing Results
Flash (circa September, 1985) runs in a DOS shell under any version of windows.
A great math game for kids.
Stacey's Mathematics Flashcard Program Executable which needs runtime support (below),
Compiled Basic Runtime Support Executable Required for the above executable,
Stacey's Mathematics Flashcard Program Basic Source Code (needs Basic Interpreter), or
Stacey's Mathematics Flashcard Program Zip Archive which contains all three files.

Scott A. Denenberg, PhD.

   Scott: Harvard Tennis Captain

  Robbie the Robot, Forbidden Planet (1956)

Scott's Family:
Wife: Emily Lilly Denenberg -
Children: Noah Truxton, Liv Beatrice
Scott's Interests: Tennis, Robots, Computers, Programming, Chess, Soccer
Scott's Resume
Scott's Valedictorian Speech - THS June 17, 2003
Scott's Soliton Article in IEEE Communications Magazine (12/2006) HTML, PDF
Scott's Masters Thesis - University of Illinois (12/2010) Cable Noise in Impedance Measurements
Scott's PhD Thesis - University of Illinois (2014) Magnetostatic Sensors for Rapid Imaging of Steel Pipeline Properties
Veo Robotics Gives Industrial Robots a Sixth Sense for Safely Working Around People, TechCrunch (5/2/2017)
Veo Robotics helps humans and robots to work together safely, YouTube (5/2/2017)


Member: United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA)
          Scott strings tennis, racquetball and squash racquets
Scott's Harvard Tennis Bio
Scott selected as ITA Scholar-Athlete in 2006 and in 2007
Scott selected for All Ivy Men's Academic Honors in Men's Tennis (2006)
Scott selected to the All Ivy League Men's Tennis Doubles Second Team (2006)
Scott's NCAA Results This Year: singles, doubles
NCAA Articles
Harvard Crimson - February 14, 2005
Harvard Crimson - June 1, 2006
Harvard Crimson - October 24, 2006
Harvard Crimson - February 20, 2007
Harvard Crimson - February 20, 2007 #2
Scott's USTA Junior Tennis: Rankings 2002, 2003, 2004
USTA junior rankings were based on the Star (Sirius Software) point system until 12/03. Points were awarded (or lost) based on the difference betweeen an individual and his/her opponent's current point total over a 12 month period of play. The process was iterated until a stable rank order is established.
As of 01/04 the USTA switchied to an ATP/ITF-like system which is based on how far the player gets in each of his/her best 8 tournaments in the previous 12 months. There are also bonus points for extra-ordinary wins over highly ranked players.
USTA Junior New England: Best Rankings






      4 - 12/1997 




    10 - 03/2000 


      1 - 12/1999 
   David Marshal   


      6 - 03/2002 

  Stopped playing
  16's 09/2001 



      3 - 12/2003 



USTA Junior National: Best Rankings






  267 - 02/2002 

 SSL Listing 



    55 - 12/2003 

 National Rank 
 (Sirius Star System) 

 30 - 12/2002 
 Marshal Wheeler 

Note: There are two different USTA national player listings
SSL - The Standings and Seedings List typically ranks more than 1000 players in each age/sex category. It is updated regularly (at least in the middle of each month) and is used to determine priority for entry into National tournaments.
National Ranking - The National Ranking List has more stringent participation qualifications than the SSL and normally lists fewer than 300 players in each age/sex category. Preliminary singles lists are published in the middle of each month and include results for the previous 12 full months; They are finalized at the beginning of the following month. The doubles lists are published covering a calendar year shortly after the end of each year. The ranking lists are archived (Starting in 1999) by the USTA.
Included Matches - Only matches played in National or high-level regional tournaments count towards National Ranking or SSL points.
Scott's ITF (International Tennis Foundation) Junior record
Scott's ITF (International Tennis Foundation) Men's record
The ITF uses a ranking system that is similar to that of the ATP. Points are awarded according to wins in an ITF tournament and the tournament's estimated level of play. In general, no points are awarded for a first round win or wins in a back draw. You need to have some points in the current year to have an ITF ranking
Fairfield County (FCIAC) Most Valuable Player: 2002, 2003
Connecticut High School Class LL Championships:
2000 Quarter Finalist,
2001, 2002, and 2003 Finalist
Connecticut High School State Open Championships:
2001 Finalist
2002 Champion - Articles: CT Post, NH Register, and Danbury News-Times
New England High School Championships: 2001 Finalist
High School All-Star Tennis Teams:
Connecticut Post: 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003
New Haven Register: 2000, 2001 and 2002(MVP)
Hartford Courant: 2002
SNET CT High School All State Tennis Team: 2001 , 2002
High School All-American Tennis Team: 2002
Scott's All-American Certificate
2001-2002 All-American Selections the original is at
National High School Tennis All-American Foundation
Trumbull Times Article - 07Nov2002 (corrected)
Student Projects
CAPT 2000 Competition, Lake Compounce, CT
Street Sweeper, Received a "Creativity Award" (The "Snow Plows" won)
Wired remote control
Move pile of 3-inch nails across boundary
CAPT 2001 Competition, Lake Compounce, CT
Pencil Launcher, won 1st place
Pencil_Launcher- Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Requirements document
HandyBoard Controller (68HC11), with the I/O Expansion Board
Programmed in "C" using Interactive C v3.2 and the I/O expansion library
Front wheel drive, axel rotation sensor
Mouse trap powered crossbow, servo trigger
CAPT 2002 Competition, Lake Compounce, CT
Hovercraft, An exciting breakdown
(the propeller came loose and launched 100 feet into the air)
Requirements document
Powerful 12vdc motor with dual propeller (4-blade)
14.4 volt NiMh battery (2 x 7.2 v 1.8 amp-hour in series)
Styrofoam "pyramid" body with internal thin plywood layer to hold motor
Dual pressure chamber, parallel air feed to skirt and air cushion
Weller Foundation: 2003 Senior Scholarship Competition
Hybrid Electric Bicycle - won 1st prize (a $12,000 scholarship)
Hybrid Electric Bike- Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Project Proposal
Project Final Report (Large File)
Powerful 24vdc motor and 4.3 inch Timing Sheave friction drive
2 x 12v 12 amp-hour SLA batteries in series
"Saddle Bag" motor and battery mounting system
Computer instrumented and controlled
LCD Display Indicates
Speed and Distance Travelled
Motor Voltage, Battery Voltage and Battery Current
Watt-Hours Utilized and Watt-Hours Regenerated
HandyBoard Controller (68HC11), with the I/O Expansion Board
Programmed in "C" using Interactive C v3.2 and the I/O expansion library
Use "Google" - our favorite search engine




More Denenbergs

The Denenberg Family of Omaha Nebraska - Site includes information on many Denenbergs, in addition to those in Omaha.
Beatrice P. Denenberg - Jeff's mother
Joseph B. Denenberg - Jeff's father
Burton H. Denenberg - Jeff's older brother at
Judy Sklair - Burt's Wife
Joel Denenberg - Burton's older son at
Fred Denenberg - Burton's younger son at
Alan Denenberg - Jeff's middle brother (Jeff is the youngest)
Mary Lou Zittman - Alan's first Wife
Jay Denenberg - Alan's first son at
Lin Fei - Jay's wife
Jill Denenberg Cohen - Alan's first daughter
Michael Cohen - Jill's husband
Todd Denenberg - Alan's second son
Beth Denenberg - Alan's second daughter
Sam Jordan - Beth's husband
Doug Denenberg - Alan's third son
Vicki Brown - Alan's second wife
Nicole Denenberg - Alan's third daughter